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LIBALEL was founded in September 2010 and is a trilingual web documentary devoted to the fledging Lebanese artistic scene. The making of a documentary platform structured around a series of portraits of young artists living in Lebanon is the core of the project.
When the journalist Pierre Abi Saab talks about the young Lebanese artistic generation, he describes it as a “rupture generation” born out of war. The Lebanese scene is a true laboratory of artistic experimentation dealing with a very specific political context which raises many issues. Indeed Beirut is a city marked by its history and experiencing many political, cultural and social dynamics.
Highlighting the young artists’ background and voice, unveiling the interactions between their work and a strong context and particular territory.
Our approach is guided by the desire to question the personal background of these artists by highlighting their choices, their aspirations and their influences. Similarly, we wish to understand what comes into play within the interaction between these young artists and the context of creation.
How is the young artistic creation structured within this territory? What relationship do these young artists maintain with their country’s history? How do they integrate and put together those political, cultural and social dynamics within the core of their work? In what ways do they develop space for experimentation and expression related to the issues of Memory, History and Multiculturalism?
A documentary platform structured around a series of portrait of young contemporary artists from Lebanon
The core of the project lies in the use of a plurality of media – photography, videos, texts, audio tapes – all of which give a particular focus on our subject. This diversity enables cross-disciplinary treatment and a precise approach, and echoes the various fields of the artists interviewed. The blog enables us to develop an extensive reflection and to establish solid foundations to the project. From this perspective it is the starting point of the web documentary. The project aims to be ever changing. The web documentary format enables a permanent update and improvement of its content.
In a word we want to enable the visitor to browse through a series portraits depending on his interests. Each portrait will deal with a video interview of the artist. Contextual  elements will be added through contents you can look up – photos, sound interviews of other cultural actors, articles relating to the topic at stake, links etc. The idea is to open an interactive window at the heart of the young artistic creation.

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