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Beirut Art Center
The Beirut Art Center opened in 2009 and is the first centre for contemporary Arts in Lebanon. This 700 m² venue presents and promotes local and international contemporary art. Every year, the cycle Exposure focuses on fledging Lebanese artists through a collective exhibition.
Arab Image Foundation
The Arab Image Foundation was founded in 1997 in Beirut. Its goal is to collect, preserve and study photographic culture from the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab Diaspora. Its archive holds over 300 000 pictures from 1860 though today. The Foundation develops many activities and events such as exhibition, publications, videos, online databases etc. Its archive is substantial resource for artists, researchers and cultural institutions. The AIF is managed by ten artists, researchers, publishers etc.
Ashkal Alwan
Ashkal Alwan was founded in 1994 and is a platform for the creation and the exchange of artistic practices. The association is committed to education, production, support and circulation of creative and intellectual endeavours in all fields. This Lebanese association for plastic arts offers a residency programs, publications, productions, a library and a research hub.
Umam Documentation and Research
UMAM is an NGO whose mission is to examine the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990) through culture. UMAM aims to set off a collective reflection on the issues of Lebanese history, by developing cultural activities, an archive collection, workshops and research.

B-Beirut’s aim is to unite artists and the community, to provide them with exposure and visibility, as well as to grant them a space to interact with other up-coming artists and the public.

Bidoun Magazine
Bidoun has been covering the creative and cultural industry of the Middle East since 2004. From the outset Bidoun has been a platform for new questions, images and ideas on the Middle East. Bidoun mainly focuses on three fields: publishing, education – talks, tours, –and curatorship i.e. online archives.
Dérives defines itself as “reviews & Dvds, website and videos about cinema”. Its editorial describes its mission statement as to “provide a platform for films, photos, creative sound works and texts which might pass by unnoticed. Dérives invites the reader to become a viewer, and the viewer to become a reader, to move between roles. Each edition of the review will comprise a series of drifts and digressions spreading out from a given starting point. The website is an integral part of our editorial project. Here you will find different sections which are regularly updated, providing resonances and documents which echo and extend the work of the physical review, as well as texts, film essays, creative sound works and photographs by authors and artists whose drift is in sympathy with our own.”
Zenith Magazine
Zenith was launched in 2010 and is an online magazine dedicated to arts and culture and which focuses on the Arab region and its Diaspora. The magazine covers many subjects such as cinema, music, visual arts and the media etc.
By merging the French research organisations in the Middle East, the founders of the IFPO (the French Institute of the Middle East) took three requirements into account: maintain in France a level of excellence in Middle Eastern Studies, develop transnational and cross discipline synergies while reinforcing their network of scientific and intellectual relations with the countries in the region.
Circum al-dunya
This website focuses on discovering the wealth of Arabic culture and its interactions with other cultures. The aim is to promote “a common culture of peace by encouraging exchanges and encounters” and to “support young authors, artists and new initiatives which share the same goal”.
Lebanese Underground
This Beirut-based website aims to promote and to develop the underground and independent regional music.
Lebanon Matters
This site is the largest online archive of articles about Lebanon from the international media.
Pirate Beirut
Pirate Beirut is a blog devoted to Lebanese music which aims to promote the independent music scene in Lebanon. This blog focuses on little-known bands with little media attention.
Zawaya is an non-profit organisation devoted to the preservation, promotion and presentation of Arab American cultural heritage through art and music.
111101 Project
Naji Zahar’s blog presents writings and works by Lebanese artists and intellectuals discussing the subject of Memory.
The Atlas Group Archive
The Atlas Group Archive was established in 1999 and is devoted to research and compilation of documents on contemporary Lebanese history. One of the goals of the project is to produce, locate and preserve visual, audio and literary artefact of all sorts which shed light on Lebanon’s current history.
Mille et un Artistes
 » I’m a freelance journalist working between Beirut and Paris.  I’ve been exploring the fascinating middle eastern artistic and cultural life for a few years, after studying Islamic civilization at La Sorbonne. This blog’s primary goals are to incite readers to take interest in this region’s art scene, to publish reviews and to throw a new light on these artists’ work. »
« Des visages et des couleurs »
This blog casts a personal look on the Middle East. Its author explains his approach: “Humbly, I would like to describe in writing and in pictures the unusual experiences I have been the witness of during my trips to this region of the world. What is posted is intended for the reader but I also blog for myself. Writing is first and foremost putting things into perspective.”

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  1. henri martin dit :

    Merci beaucoup pour le lien. La suite du blog s’écrira à partir du 11 Novembre prochain, date à laquelle je commencerai un stage de journalisme dans les territoires palestiniens. Je vous remercie de votre soutien. Bon courage à toute l’équipe. Des visages et des couleurs.

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