> The Webdocumentary

The goal is to make a web documentary based on a series of portraits of young artists we met on our trip. The use of several media and the possibility to make one’s own way will help make this platform interactive. A true multimedia knowledge tool, this web documentary is based on substantial participative research and documentation carried out.
> The architecture of the web documentary
Several choices have led to the structure of this web documentary:
. Using different media in order to offer a precise cross-treatment of the project.
. Simple and intuitive browsing
. A non linear narration
. The possibility to pave one’s way through different contents
. An evolving platform enabling the update and development of its content.
The main interface will focus on video portraits of young artists we met. The visitor can also access other sound, visual and written contents which will help understand the artist’s work and the stakes of creation: audio interviews of other cultural actors related to the artists, pictures of the artist’s work, in-depth thematic articles etc.

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